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Up and down the United Coast. It doesn't have to be omakase. I buy little anago from Main. It's very difficult, very high. You cannot lie to me. Let's go back to the sisters.

I would try to master that cbat and then I'd get bored and leave. Was it easy to get a job, moving from place to place like that? When you Susyi for a job, the way I did chatt when I was a young chef was, I would tell the owner or manager just to give me a shot. I never asked for cbat. I never asked for a big salary. I just said, "I can try to do what I can for you. I was not happy with the way Sishi lot of restaurants were Syshi chefs. For example -- holidays, they limit you with Susi. A lot of sushi bars are about business, not passion. Chst that's another reason Susgi I quit a lot of vhat, because they Susshi want to make profit off of fake fish. I like to call it "fake Suushi.

Fake fish is a bunch of frozen fish. What percentage of restaurants did this? I'm going to tell you right now that in America, there are about 75 percent of sushi restaurants that don't serve real sushi Sushi chat. Susbi good 75 percent. It's all frozen fish. Sushii might have tuna, salmon and Sushk, but the rest is just all frozen. It's not real fish. So, frozen fish -- they defrost it and then serve it to you? I've literally worked in restaurants where they serve frozen tilapia and they call it snapper, stuff like that. I can go with you, I can take you on a tour of every restaurant, look at their menu and look chxt their case, and tell you what is fresh and what is not, and what's frozen and where it came from, and everything.

All they care about is put it in rolls and all these sauces and everything -- you can't taste anything but sauce. Kinjo plates a sashimi appetizer -- note the sheen of skin on the edges of the fish. Let's go back to the fish. I notice that you cut the fish so there's a bit of skin left on the fish. There are three reasons for that: One is that all the omega-fatty content is around the body. So I try to save as much as I can. Two is to show the skill of the chef. Three is to show the freshness. So if a chef is not skilled, then they can't?

They can't do this. It's very difficult, very difficult. Why is it so difficult? My point is, you take the knife and you take out the skin in one stroke. If you do it any other way, you're not gonna see all that gray points to the sheen of skin left on the fish. Another important point is if the skin stays on, the fish goes bad the next day. So you have to throw out your fish? I throw out everything all the time. I cook it for my employees. My way is very stubborn. I refuse to give you a bad piece of fish. I'm not about the business.

I've been in this business too long. My standard -- my reputation is to give people the best quality of fish. So, what do you think your reputation is? I just want to give you the best quality. Okay, so what would you want your reputation to be? My reputation is -- if you want real high quality in fish that's eaten in Japan -- that's what we do. It doesn't have to be omakase. Just, you come here, and whatever you eat, you can trust it. That's the end of the story. Tell me about some of the specialty fishes you have. You fly a lot of your fish in from the Tsukiji fish market in Japan. It's what's in season, but what I have today is inada, which is baby yellowtail.

I have kinmedai, golden eye snapper, which no one is going to buy. Why do you buy it? Because it's the most prized snapper, it's the rarest, it's the most prized snapper in Japan. Akamutsu is the most valuable snapper. Kinmedai is, too, but akamutsu is another level. I have aji, I have kanpachi, kawahagi -- I don't have it tonight, but I order it all the time. Kawahagi is like a trigger fish. I love to serve it because I use the liver to make the sauce. I serve it with its liver, which is one of my favorites. Kohada, shimi saba, anago. My anago is from Japan. I buy fresh anago from Japan.

Let's talk about your omakase. You're actually famous for your omakase. How do you decide what you're going to make for somebody? I decide when you sit down what I'm going to make. And then I decide based on the ingredients that I have, what I'm going to give you and what order I'm going to give it to you. I'm a different kind of chef.

Most Japanese chefs, they write the menu. It's all gut instinct on you and me. I do Susni based on energy. Their unique concept is combining the freshest high-quality sushi with the atmosphere of a Japanese bar. In the evening you can witness many locals in their suits unwinding after Sushi chat with a glass of their favorite beverage and a selection of sushi and Susi. The customers are sitting around the bar and strangers are chatting with each other. USshi Sushi is well-known by the locals for their high-quality sushi and while some people come here to drink their after-work beer with some sushi on the side, others come just for the delicious sushi.

All the fresh ingredients of the day are on display in a refrigerated glass showcase that stretches around the bar. This way you can order by simply pointing at what you would like to try. Maybe you can even find something on display which you've never tried before. If you don't feel the need to be adventurous, you can also ask them for their English menu and pick your favorites from there. This is especially recommended if you are on a budget as the sushi at Kame Sushi is a little higher priced than at your average sushi restaurant.

However, don't let the higher price scare you, as the quality reflects the price and the sushi you will be served is amazingly fresh and melts in your mouth as soon as you take a bite.

Sushi Cats, A Cute Collection of Magical Felines Resting on Sushi Rice

All Ssuhi items are hand-picked from the local fish market on the same day to guarantee quality and freshness. This isn't Sushi chat Sushu in every restaurant but at Kame Sushi it is welcome. If you choose this option, be aware that there is no fixed price for it, so if you are on a budget, this isn't recommended. It also isn't recommended if you have dietary restrictions or are a picky eater. Omakase is a great way for the chef to showcase the best items on the menu, so it is another great way to discover new flavors if you don't know exactly what to pick and choose.