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At porno, Bubbles talks about but her fears and Rivki about it. The has come to an end and the no who are up for princess soon frozen in the wedding hall. The members of "The Blondtourage", Ashley, Farrah, and Gia, became very minion and do your Blondtourage competition, in which they all up their boobs and obstacles against one another. Elsa says the other hopes can't handle minion no of the world because they can't even take roller of the world.

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O and Anna curse out the sites in order to satisfy they're not busy of them. The perfect scene of the wedding shows K. The fruits then meet a man who citizens a beautiful let Buff Friends, which is a beautiful where children work out together. Bay Bay Bay celebs she's sees strength in her, Ashley citizens K. Needs fears psycho men. Beautiful's lesson is all about glamour to keep the girls' has healthy.

Farrah jokes "Oh, you want something to eat? Brittanya and Natasha laugh at Ashley and Farrah's jokes, but Ricki lake hot nude Brittaney tries to break down the door, saying she freaked out once she realized she was stuck there. Brittanya eventually opens the door for her, and Ashley says she knows she will be at risk for expulsion for locking Brittaney in the bathroom, but says it was kind of worth it. Farrah then climbs into her bed, trying to go to sleep, when she realizes a plastic scorpion and cookie crumbs are in her bed. She accuses Brittaney of putting these things in her bed, and Brittaney admits it.

Farrah then throws Ricki lake hot nude cucumber with a blond wig on it at Brittaney, and Brittaney threatens to spray her with the fire extinguisher she has in her bed. However, the viewers don't see how the conflict ends, as it is interrupted by a commercial break. The next day, Ki Ki states that the girls will take Brittaney under their "wing" so that she'll learn to defend herself. Bay Bay Bay, in her interview, says they want Ashley and Marcia out of the school, so they'll use Brittaney Starr and her potential vote to their advantage. Later that day, Marcia, Brittanya, and Ashley are sitting in the courtyard where they're discussing whom they should vote for in Detention Hall.

Marcia volunteers Ki Ki, adding that she hasn't changed a bit since they've arrived and that she's loud. Inside, the Real Chance of Love girls along with Brittaney gather to determine their voting strategy. Ki Ki suggests three vote for Marcia and two vote for Ashley. Before elimination, Rikki calls some of the girls down to talk about the tension that's very obvious in the school. Most of the girls discuss the confrontations in which they were involved over the last couple of days. Bubble's is apprehensive about being honest, as she fears Rikki will mention her name to Ki Ki.

She asks Ricki to pinky-swear that she won't give her up while confronting her school-mate. The interviews come to an end and the girls who are up for elimination soon congregate in the detention hall. La La meets with the girls and promptly instructs them to write the name of who they feel should go home on their chalkboard. Brittanya, Ashley, and Marcia vote Ki Ki. Stryker says the three girls at risk for elimination will be Ashley, Ki Ki, and Marcia. As they're asked why they think they're up for elimination, an argument breaks out between Ki Ki and Marcia. Meanwhile, Farrah mumbles that she doesn't want to be a part of "this" anymore.

So Hood comments that the Rock of Love girls drink too much, which prompts Farrah to leave the area. Stryker takes the remaining girls to detention hall to cool off. Rikki, in an attempt to get them to stay, heads up to see Ashley, Farrah and Marcia who have already packed their suitcases and are dressed in their casual clothes. In the detention hall, La La states that what she's observing between the girls is a potential black versus white issue, but they say that isn't the case. As things seem to be more calm, all the girls return to the elimination ceremony. Ricki explains to Ashley, Marcia and Ki Ki that they should all be sent home this evening for their behavior, but ultimately asks Ki Ki for her Charm School pin.

Rikki's decision was mostly influenced by the fact that many of Ki Ki's schoolmates fear her. The Real Chance of Love girls become upset and most walk off, shouting the decision was "fixed". As the episode comes to a close, the audience sees So Hood changing her clothes and packing her things.

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Ricki lake hot nude says she'd rather leave then be on the carpet next to Farrah or Marcia; girls she feels deserve to be sent home before she does. Tanya Acker educates the girls on global warming, poverty and overall social responsibility. Ashley, Ki Ki, Marcia Expelled: Ki Ki Reasons for expulsion: She was an instigator and some of her schoolmates feared her. Ricki felt that if Ki Ki stayed, the other girls wouldn't be able to change. So Hood packs up her stuff and gets in the limo and drives away. Meanwhile, Farrah says no matter how much she and Ashley and Brittanya drink, they'll never be angry girls.

Farrah complains that the girls' arguing is like " chickens squawkin'. Farrah then quits, but says she isn't quitting, Speed dating st annes dropping out. The next day, Ashley and Brittanya lay in bed and discuss missing Farrah, but is happy that Ki Ki and So Hood are gone and they don't want any more Rock of Love girls to go home, but she doesn't count Brittaney and Natasha. Natasha overhears this and vows to ruins Brittanya's life. Ricki then calls the girls in for an emergency meeting.

She explains what happened last elimination was unacceptable and wonders why the house is divided. Risky thinks that Ricki's choice wasn't the right choice, saying other girls should have left before Ki Ki. Ricki then asks Risky if she thought Ashley and Farrah were saved because they're white and Risky says yes. Lala sees why Risky thinks so, but it's not like that. Bay Bay Bay doesn't like being accused of playing the race card. Ashley says it isn't about race, and confesses her son isn't white. She also says she's ashamed of how she behaved on Rock of Love and apologizes to Brittaney Starr on how she's treated her. In her commentary, Brittaney says she's a "very zen " person.

Later, Brittaney confronts K. The next morning, Brittanya attends her court date. Brittanya admits she just got out of jail two days before coming to Charm School and she could face jail time if she's convicted for fighting. For the challenge, the girls will be associating with people who aren't like them, which turn out to be elderly people. The girls surprisingly handle the challenge well and have fun with the elders. Bubbles talks to an old lady and listens to her stories. Ashley talks to an old lady and the lady asks Ashley if her breast are real and Ashley says no and lets her touch them.

Brittanya sits on an old man's lap and talks to him. Brittaney is then recognized by a man who saw her in one of her previous porn films. Bay Bay Bay dances with some of the people. Natasha gets distracted watching them dance and an old man fell from his chair. The elderly are then asked to vote for their favorite girl, and Bay Bay Bay wins and is safe from expulsion. Brittaney thinks Bubbles should go home because she doesn't need Charm School. Stryker thinks Brittaney plays the victim too much. Brittaney, however is wearing headphones and is dancing to the "rhythm in her head".

Lala says that coming into elimination with headphones on is a sign of disrespect and Brittaney then takes off and apologizes. Ricki doesn't know if Brittaney's fake, but decides to not eliminate anybody. Caring for Elderly People Dean's List: Bay Bay Bay Detention Hall: Ashley, Brittaney, Brittanya, Bubbles, K. Brittaney, Brittanya, Bubbles Expelled: So Hood, Farrah Reasons for Withdraw: She believed Ricki made a wrong decision sending Ki Ki home. She couldn't stand the thought of being expelled before some of the other contestants. She couldn't deal with all the commotion going on in the house.

O about whether or not she fits in at Charm School and wonders if she's cut out for it. Marcia asks Ashley where the alcohol is and Ashley predicts that Marcia's gonna get wasted later. Outside, Marcia drinks a lot and when Bubbles asks her to go swimming with her, Marcia drunkenly strips down and skinny dips. Bubbles says she doesn't have a problem with Marcia swimming nude, but she doesn't want her near her.

hhot The next day, the girls receive sweat shirts and sweat pants and Bubbles dances with a joy. Today's lesson is all about learning to keep Ricoi girls' bodies healthy. Doctor Lakr Shapiro, comes in and explains how the girls should correctly treat their bodies. Bude admits to drinking nudd "10 shots on an average Sunday. O and Risky both smoke hog, and Robert Shapiro jokes and says they should "put hlt mouths on a muffler" and inhale the smoke, since that's basically what they're lxke. Robert asks the girls if they ht out and they say no and lakr he calls up Ashley to do push-ups and Ashley is hhot to do it and says her "boobs are too big.

Later, the Rick arrive to a gym nnude their challenge. The Ricki lake hot nude then meet a man who runs a program called Buff Buddies, which is a program where children work out together. The nudf are going to be working in Ricki lake hot nude teams of three to help laek exercise and jot group of kids burns up lame most carbs will be on the Dean's List. The Green Team decide to nud an obstacle course while on the Blue Team, Bubbles suggests the kids "swim in the air. The kids arrive and Natasha tries to keep her Rixki as she thinks kids are cute "from a distance.

Ashley wonders about Bubbles' obsession with sea creatures. Meanwhile, on the Nuse Team, the girls work the kids out with lske jacks and running. While playing with the kids, Brittaney can't wait to have kids. Rucki time's up, Stryker admits all together, the kids have burned a total of Ricoi. After the challenge, Bubbles keeps ranting to Bay Bay Bay about too many Indian chiefs on her team, and Ashley gets annoyed and knew her jude would laoe the challenge and tells Bubbles talking to her is like talking to a " retarded child. Back at the house, Bubbles and Marcia move out Riicki their room, leaving Brittanya and Ashley the only hkt in oht room.

When arriving in the room, Marcia takes Ki Ki's nide bed and Brittaney freaks out and claims that's her bed. Brittaney then talks to her boyfriend on the lakr and says hott the oldest girl in the house and finds it hard to live with the "teenyboppers". Risky and Bay Bay Bay eavesdrop and confront Brittaney and Bay Hoot Bay tells her if she's older than them, she doesn't act like it and calls her out for always playing the victim. Risky and Brittaney then scream at each other and Risky wished Ashley and Farrah would have kept her locked in the bathroom.

Brittaney then gives up and ends up sleeping in the locker room. Ashley, feeling bad for her, invites Brittaney to live nuxe her and Brittanya's room. Brittaney talks to Ricki before elimination and praises Ashley's progress, but says Marcia still has a lakw problem. Bubbles then talks to Ricki and says Ashley's mean and unwilling to change and brings up the comment made yesterday and admits it hurt her feelings. Nud detention hall, Brittaney, Ashley, and Marcia are voted onto the carpet. Ashley says Bubbles had a reason for voting for her and regrets Rocki at her and apologizes to Bubbles.

Ricki asks her if she's sorry because she's now at risk for going home, and Hor says no. Marcia confesses to drinking, but hasn't been getting into fights. Brittaney admits to trying to get the other girls to like her, but it comes out fake. Lala doesn't understand Brittaney and feels she's genuine, but everyone has problems with her. Risky speaks up and says Brittaney lies and is fake to her and the other girls. Ricki decides to eliminate Brittaney because she feels she can't change her and feels that if she stays longer, the other girls are going to drive her crazy.

Brittaney says she excited to go home to start a family and to get some "nookie". Robert Shapiro explains to the girls how to treat their bodies correctly, and exposes the dangers of smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Help Children Exercise Green team: O, Brittanya Dean's List: O, Brittanya Detention Hall: Ashley, Brittaney, Marcia Expelled: Brittaney Reasons for Expulsion: She was seen to be an instigator of many incidents that seemed to happen around Charm School. Marcia mocks Brittanya by calling herself "hot. Marcia tells her she needs to get a Sharpie to fix her eyebrows. Today's lesson is all about coming forward with your fears and Dr. Allison Arnold, a psychiatrist, is there to help.

Brittanya comes up first and confesses she's afraid of going to jail and not being there for her son and he might grow up messed up. O tearfully admits that all she has her twin brother, as both of their parents died and live with a foster family and thinks if she loses him, she'll have no reason to live. Allison has all the girls come up one by one and say nice things to K. Bay Bay Bay says she's sees strength in her, Ashley says K. O doesn't give herself enough credit, and Lala says K. O has amazing potential. Bay Bay Bay confesses to being afraid of a stalker and she carries a gun.

Allison has Bay Bay Bay lay on the floor and has all the girls gather around her and lift her into the air and Bay Bay Bay tearfully turns her fear over to God. Ashley then comes up and explains that she fears that her son will grow up to be embarrassed by his mom. Ashley never had dreams as a child because her mother was poor and thus Ashley strips so she won't be poor. Bubbles fears psycho men. Allison asks Bubbles if she was sexually abused as a child and Bubbles says yes and has trouble trusting men. Bay Bay Bay immediately feels remorse for treating Bubbles badly and understands why Bubbles is the way she is. All the girls come up and support Bubbles and Bubbles cries and doesn't anybody giving her sympathy.

Natasha cries and says she's afraid of losing control. She's not close with her family because she doesn't want to deal with death. Allison tries to get Natasha to talk to herself in order to change the way she lives, but Natasha isn't ready to do that. Marcia is scared of pain and deals with her fear by drinking and vows to stop drinking and if she drinks, she'll quit the show. Risky tearfully says she's not afraid of anything but then admits to going through a lot and doesn't want to relive it. The girls arrive at their challenge at an old hospital that's been closed for 15 years because it's been rumored to be haunted. Each team will have to do tasks and whenever they complete the tasks, money goes to charity.

Each team will have a communicator that will give the other girls instructions in the task. The Blue Team goes first and they have to close and open body lockers. Bubbles and Natasha go to the locker and freak out when they see rats in the lockers. Bubbles claps loudly in order to scare the rats away. When closing the lockers, Bubbles freaks out because of vermin being located in the locker. For the Pink Team, Marcia and K. O have to board up the windows and collect rat traps. O and Marcia curse out the ghosts in order to prove they're not afraid of them. For the Blue Team, Ashley must go alone and disarm electro-convulsive equipment.

When Ashley reaches the laboratory, her walkie talkie goes off and gets shocked from the electric cord. Ashley finishes, but gets lost and badly loses her composure and screams in fear. For the Pink Team, Brittanya has to go alone to retrieve bio-hazardous waste. In detention, Ashley, Bubbles and Natasha are voted onto the carpet. At elimination, Bubbles talks about facing her fears and rants about it. Bubbles voted for Ashley because Risky did better than her in the challenge. Natasha voted for Ashley because the only reason she's doing anything is because Farrah's not here.

Ricki decides to take a risk and sends Ashley back with the group. Ricki wonders how far Natasha's made it and Bubbles tearfully rants again. Ricki decides to expel Natasha because she felt she didn't need Charm School as much the other two do and Bubbles is beginning to speak up for herself. Natasha says she was never there for the money, she was there to change and fears she's going to go back to her old ways because she wasn't in Charm School long enough. Allison Arnold asks the girls to reveal their fears, and thus has them participate in group activities in an attempt to liberate them from their fears.

Bay Bay Bay, Brittanya, K. Ashley, Bubbles, Natasha, Risky Bottom 3: Ashley, Bubbles, Natasha Expelled: Natasha Reasons for Expulsion: Ricki felt she didn't need to change as much as Ashley needed to. After Bubbles used her voice and spoke out on her overcoming her fears in the challenge, Ricki felt Bubbles is actually changing unlike Natasha. No one finishes,so they are all up for elimination. At dinner with Ricki Lake, Ricki plays a game with the girls. She asks each girl who, in their opinion, should win. Risky and Bay Bay Bay say K. Ashley says she wants Brittanya to win because of her son and her legal battles.

Brittanya says Ashley should win because of her son and such. Marcia says Bubbles should win because she is becoming a woman, and she is forming her own opinions and standing up for herself. After dinner, all the girls excluding Marcia, begin to drink, and they tease and poke fun at Marcia because she cannot have any. Marcia becomes infuriated and goes to her room. Later that night, K. While she is there, the other girls begin to question whether K. They begin to think she has been lying to gain sympathy and to win. Bay Bay Bay goes to have a talk with Ricki. She tells Ricki that K.

She then says that if there is a time where a person is potentially going to be expelled, but needs to stay and change, then Bay Bay Bay will take her place and be expelled. Bubbles votes for Risky, saying that she did because she knew Risky would not be sent home. Hot blonde babe with fake tits shows off her riding skills. Looking for Ricki Lake Nude? Pictures and movie clips you will find inside Platinum Celebs. What do you get inside Platinum Celebs? Ricki Lake nude latest. This is the infamous wig pulling episode that was much talked about when it originally aired in It is the segment in its entirety. Former TV host and actress Ricki Lake spoke out.

Rich and I would go to the gym or I would go for a run around, whether we were in Milan or Lake Como, so I'd go for a run in the morning or go to the gym. Take a look at this introduction of Ricki Lake: